I’m Out of Business

Well the state of Ohio wasn’t at all happy with me turning in $0.00 sales for the past couple of years.

As such, I’m officially “out-of-business” since July 1st 2019.  I could view it as a set-back, but in all honesty, with all that has been going on, I haven’t really had time for my fish room.

I’m down to just a few tanks and haven’t really decided where I’m going with Ball Aquatics in the future.  I’ll always have some fish around, and most likely continue to work with Danios, Devarios, and the like.

I might even get busy and pull together the posts about spawning some of the un-common fish I’ve worked with in the past 10 years.

Antifungal property of leaves on fish eggs

I have always preferred to approach fish keeping in a very natural way. While I have no scientific proof to offer up, my success rate goes hand-in-hand with a simple natural approach as apposed to using more hi-tech methods. It was this “nature’s way” of thinking that lead me to explore the antifungal property of leaves on fish eggs. Continue reading Antifungal property of leaves on fish eggs

Visiting Eric & Regina ( All Oddball Aquatics )

If you have spent much time in the aquarium hobby, you have no doubt heard of Eric Bodrock and Regina Spotti.  In the photo above, that’s Regina on the left with Eric on the right and Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals in the middle.

All Oddball Aquatics is the on-line company owned & operated by Eric, and is located in western Pennsylvania, just a bit south of Pittsburgh. Continue reading Visiting Eric & Regina ( All Oddball Aquatics )