Devario acrostomus spawning

Devario acrostomus
Photo by Dennis Ball

Back in October I picked up a bag of Devario acrostomus at the C.A.F.E. fall auction, (  Well for lack of a better place to keep them, I put them into a 20 gallon long that was over-grown with some vals that I had picked up at the C.A.F.E. spring auction.  Can you tell I really like the local club auctions? Continue reading Devario acrostomus spawning

Spawning Plans…..

Leopard Danio
Photo by Dennis ball

There are just too many fish and not enough time.  I guess that’s why I feel compelled to put together a spawning plan every year of the fish I’d like to work with.  Going through the fish room it’s easy to rule out some of the fish.  The 046, 183 & 201 plecos are all too young to spawn yet.  I have plenty of Danio roseus, D. kerri, D. rerio var. frankei, D meghalayensis, Devario assamensis, and D. acrostomus on hand already. Continue reading Spawning Plans…..

Happy New Year!

SwissTropicals WebsiteWell another year is in the books, and what a year it has been. Back in February, at the GCAS swap meet, my good friend Stephan Tanner and I began talking about a website make-over for his website.  Ta da….. the new site when live today!  While I may be a bit jaded, I think it’s beautiful. The site is loaded with tons of great information, links to some of the best hobby related websites, and Stephan’s great line of products. Continue reading Happy New Year!

Snowy day and a cold water change…..

albino_coryLast Friday was a cold and snowy day with a storm front moving through the area. As the temperatures dropped, I thought I’d better drained down my rain water collection system to keep it from freezing up. Pumping the cold water into the fish room I thought it might be a good time to give the Albino Cories a cold water change to see what would happen. Continue reading Snowy day and a cold water change…..

Spawning Otocinclus catfish

Back around the first of the year Petsmart was having a sale on Otocinclus for $1 each.  Each spring for the past couple of years I’ve wanted to try spawning these fish so I picked up a couple bags for a later project.

Otos eating Repashy gel
Photo by Dennis Ball

They have been eating lots of Repashy “Soilent Green” and fattened up very nicely.

The spawning set-up is a standard 10 gallon tank with some anubias and crypts.  It has a course black substrate and the water is very soft being almost pure rain water.  I have a small heater set to keep the temperature at 78 °F.

Otocinclus fry
Photo by Dennis Ball

The fish must be happy because today while doing water changes I found the first fry!

If I can get these fry to adult hood it will be interesting to see if tank raised Otos are a bit more hardy than the store bought variety.



Here are some photos of the fry just a couple of days later…..

Otocinclus fry
Photo by Dennis Ball
Otocinclus fry
Photo by Dennis Ball



Spawning Danio meghalayensis

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to acquire a group of 8 Danio meghalayensis from my good friend Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals. As these fish are quite rare here in the states you can imagine my delight!

After several failed attempts at spawning these fish using a breeder set-up, I decided to loaded them up with live foods and started to monitor them very closely.  Several weeks ago during an afternoon thunderstorm they spawned. Continue reading Spawning Danio meghalayensis