Spawning Ricefish

Male & female Ricefish
Back in the spring at our annual club swap meet, I picked up some very cool little Ricefish from another club member, Mark Miller.  I hadn’t really done much with these guys other than to marvel at how their eyes glow a very bright blue.  They are so bright that they catch your attention from across the room.

I have the species Oryzias woworae.  These fish come from the island of Sulawesi which is home to 17 Oryzias species described to date. Continue reading Spawning Ricefish

Feeding Tiny Fry

1024x768_BT_005The aquatics industry has done a wonderful job of supplying the hobbyist with a wide array of equipment and food.  With these in hand, the success rate of new hobbyists must be at an all-time high.

When you begin to spawn your fish and raise fry, the industry supplied choices of foods for larval fish become few and far between.  This is especially true when raising fish that produce tiny fry not capable of eating newly hatched baby brine shrimp. The good news is, there is a multitude of foods you can culture yourself when faced with the prospect of feeding tiny fry. Continue reading Feeding Tiny Fry