Ordered some fish from Aquariumfish.net

Fire Ring Danio (Danio kyathit)
Photo by Pete Mang

I’ve been looking hi & low to find some nice Fire Ring Danios, (Danio kyathit).  My good friend BillT over at Eugene Research Aquatics sent me some very nice males, but I needed some females to go with them.

I knew that Tom & Nevin over at Aquariumfish.net had them listed, but it seemed like they were always sold out.  By the way, Tom has become a superb photographer of fish.  His photos of fish for sale are nothing short of stunning.  Another reason I didn’t hesitate to order from them, it was obvious that I would be getting true Fire Ring Danios.

Fire Ring Danios are the spotted form of the species Danio kyathit.  The Orange Finned Danio is the striped form.  I first spawned the striped form in January of 2011, but have yet to spawn this spotted form. Continue reading Ordered some fish from Aquariumfish.net