CAFE Convention

Wow, what a great time I had at the CAFE, (Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts), Convention today.  I went with my daughter Darcy, and my 8 week old grandson Chris, (he’s on the home page looking at the turtle).

They had some great speakers.  Ted Judy talked about a collection trip to Africa.  Rusty Wessel spoke about livebearers and auctioned some very cool swordtails. Brian Zimmerman had a great presentation on native american fish.

My friend Stephan tried to get me hooked up with some very cool Danio tinwini.  I even got to meet Dave Hale from Something Fishy up in Cleveland.  Check him out on the Blue Zoo…..

We had a tasty lunch and purchased some very nice plants for Darcy’s tank too!

Success At Last!

After months of producing a fry here and there, I woke up to at least 3 dozen Danio tinwini fry this morning!

When I picked up my breeding stock from Mark Denaro back in May of ’09, these fish were simply known as Danio sp. TW02. In November of 2009 they were properly named Danio tinwini after Mr. U Tin Win of the Hein Aquarium in Myanmar.

In the picture above, the fry are in one of my egg traps. The DIY on the trap is over at the Danionins site…