Had a blast yesterday at the GCAS (Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society) 2015 Swap!  I’ve attended many of their club functions and always had a great time, but yesterday was my first experience as a seller at one of their events.

It is a bit early in the season for me so I didn’t have a full complement of fish, but my good friend Bob was kind enough to split a table with me so we had a good selection of fish. Bob has some fantastic tank raised and super cool cories and plecos.  He’s also got some very nice livebearers.

There were several of us from my club CAFE (Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts) that had tables and the great folks at GCAS made us feel right at home. Many thanks to Eric and the gang at GCAS for putting together such a great event!

I’ll be looking to move my spawning schedule up just a bit to have more fish ready for this great event next year. Already looking forward to the next GCAS Swap!

Devario assamensis – A Gift

CAFE LogoWOW  Things have really been hopping around here the last several days.  Last Friday we had our October meeting of C.A.F.E.  One of our own, Kevin Bauman, gave a talk on aquarium photography.  Kevin has the reputation of taking beautiful photos of his African cichlids and shared some of his secrets with the rest of us.  Excellent presentation.  You can see Kevin’s work over at his website, http://www.african-cichlid.com. Continue reading Devario assamensis – A Gift

Devario acrostomus – A Fall Auction Treasure!

CAFE LogoOur clubs fall auction was this past Saturday, October 5 2013.  It was a great time and the club president reports it was our biggest auction ever.  I always have a great time and the variety of fish, inverts, plants and hardware that comes up for auction never ceases to amaze. All that being said, as a keeper of Danios, there is generally not much available in that area to get me fired up.  Normally most of the Danios for auction are either my fish, or fish that I am already keeping.  Well that certainly wasn’t the case at this auction! Continue reading Devario acrostomus – A Fall Auction Treasure!

Musing of a fish keeper

Just the other night we had our August club meeting, (C.A.F.E.).  Rusty Wessel came up from Louisville Kentucky and gave a talk about “Fishes of the Maya”.  Rusty usually brings fish to auction after the talk and this time was no exception.

As I watched all the super cool fish Rusty had brought along being auctioned off, I felt a little down that I wasn’t still keeping cichlids as this was a rare opportunity to acquire some very special fish. I soon found myself reminiscing about fish I have kept over the years and what a fantastic hobby fish keeping truly is…..

As a child, I kept a multitude of “critters” in bottles, jars and buckets.  All treasures carried home from streams, ditches and local farm ponds here in rural Ohio. In 1965 I started my “official” fish keeping career as I imagine many 8 year old boys did, with a 25 cent turtle from the five & dime store. Continue reading Musing of a fish keeper

2013 C.A.F.E. Swap Meet

Last Saturday was our local club’s annual swap meet and silent auction.  To say I had a great time would be an under statement.

Zebra Pleco - L046
Photo by Dennis Ball

First off, I got to see all the local fish heads after a rather long winter.  Second, I sold tons of fish and inverts.  And last, but not least, I won some super nice L046 Zebra plecos in the silent auction!

The Zebra’s, (4 in total), were a BAP submission by club President Jeremy Basch.

This years swap was at the new location in the Marriott Courtyard Columbus West.  It’s an easy spot to get to and we had a great turn-out!

If you are not involved with your local club, you are missing out.  It seems like every event my club has is better than the last.



CAFE Swap Meet – March 24, 2012

My local club had their annual Swap Meet a couple of Saturday’s ago.  What a great time!  And to think, I almost didn’t go.  I had decided it was just too far for me to go, about 3 hours round trip.

Lucky for me, Cory the club plant guru, posted on the C.A.F.E. forum that he was looking for someone to split a table. 

At any rate, I renewed some old friendships, sold some stuff, made some new friends, and had some great conversations.