Visiting Eric & Regina ( All Oddball Aquatics )

If you have spent much time in the aquarium hobby, you have no doubt heard of Eric Bodrock and Regina Spotti.  In the photo above, that’s Regina on the left with Eric on the right and Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals in the middle.

All Oddball Aquatics is the on-line company owned & operated by Eric, and is located in western Pennsylvania, just a bit south of Pittsburgh. Continue reading Visiting Eric & Regina ( All Oddball Aquatics )

Returning to the fish room…

Terri, my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my wife of 39 years was told several years ago that she had a terminal illness.  Much too soon, and despite our best efforts, it recently came time to pay the piper.  Needless to say, my fish keeping has been put on the back burner for the biggest part of the last year.

My friend Pete Cottle, who lost his wife several years back, offered the advice that I, “Get back into the fish room and focus on them”.  As I have always been a big proponent that fish keeping is very therapeutic, I must confess that it sounds like good advice.

I owe a big Thank You to all my friends in the hobby who have been so supportive during this difficult time.  This goes double for the folks at CAFE, my local club.  If you don’t belong to your local club, you should make an effort to attend the next club meeting to see what you’re missing.  People in the aquarium hobby are some of the best folks you’re ever likely to meet.

In closing, to all the Clubs who had scheduled or inquired about me speaking at a meeting this past year, I’m sorry I had to cancel or turn down engagements.  I’m hoping to use the remainder of this year to heal and return to the hobby with renewed enthusiasm in 2017.

BBS 101

I can’t remember when I didn’t hatch a batch of baby brine shrimp (bbs) on a daily basis. That said, after years of producing a daily batch, I started to notice that my hatch rates were falling and I was at a loss as to the reason why. Well after checking all the obvious causes without any improvements I though perhaps a refresher course was in order, BBS 101 if you will. Continue reading BBS 101


Had a blast yesterday at the GCAS (Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society) 2015 Swap!  I’ve attended many of their club functions and always had a great time, but yesterday was my first experience as a seller at one of their events.

It is a bit early in the season for me so I didn’t have a full complement of fish, but my good friend Bob was kind enough to split a table with me so we had a good selection of fish. Bob has some fantastic tank raised and super cool cories and plecos.  He’s also got some very nice livebearers.

There were several of us from my club CAFE (Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts) that had tables and the great folks at GCAS made us feel right at home. Many thanks to Eric and the gang at GCAS for putting together such a great event!

I’ll be looking to move my spawning schedule up just a bit to have more fish ready for this great event next year. Already looking forward to the next GCAS Swap!

Mixing Danios

I often get questions about mixing Danios of different species in the same tank together. As a general rule, if the fish are close to the same size and temperament, there are no problems keeping them together.

There are exceptions to this in regards to the fish cross breeding.  With this in mind, the fish I would NOT keep together are;

  • Zebra Danios (Danio rerio) and Leopard Danios (Danio rerio var. frankei)
  • Celestial Pearl Danios (Danio margaritatus) and Emerald Dwarf Rasboras (Danio erythromicron)
  • Danio kyathit – There is a Spotted variety & a Striped variety.

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