Feeling so much better

Devario pathirana
Photo by Dennis Ball

It has been a long cold winter here in central Ohio. Just about the time the weather was breaking I came down with the flu or some other nasty respiratory ailment.  Today is the first time I’ve really felt good in just over a month.

At any rate, my plans for first-of-the-year spawning projects went right out the window.  I have been wildly successful with spawning some ABN’s though.

My very good friend Bob, also a C.A.F.E. member, gave me an extra male ABN he had.  This was around the end of February.  After about 6 weeks of sweet talking one of my female ABN’s they set-up house keeping.  They seem to be a very good match as they are producing about 40 fry every 30 days now!

Male Albino Bushy Nose with fry.
Photo by Dennis Ball

Even though my spawning projects have suffered, there’s been lots going on.  I’ll try to get caught up here in the next few weeks.

Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Photo by Dennis Ball

We had another Convention at C.A.F.E., I picked up some super cool fish at the silent auction, etc.

Be back soon!

Devario acrostomus spawning

Devario acrostomus
Photo by Dennis Ball

Back in October I picked up a bag of Devario acrostomus at the C.A.F.E. fall auction, (http://ballaquatics.com/general/devario-acrostomus-a-fall-auction-treasure/).  Well for lack of a better place to keep them, I put them into a 20 gallon long that was over-grown with some vals that I had picked up at the C.A.F.E. spring auction.  Can you tell I really like the local club auctions? Continue reading Devario acrostomus spawning

Happy New Year!

SwissTropicals WebsiteWell another year is in the books, and what a year it has been. Back in February, at the GCAS swap meet, my good friend Stephan Tanner and I began talking about a website make-over for his http://www.swisstropicals.com website.  Ta da….. the new site when live today!  While I may be a bit jaded, I think it’s beautiful. The site is loaded with tons of great information, links to some of the best hobby related websites, and Stephan’s great line of products. Continue reading Happy New Year!

Snowy day and a cold water change…..

albino_coryLast Friday was a cold and snowy day with a storm front moving through the area. As the temperatures dropped, I thought I’d better drained down my rain water collection system to keep it from freezing up. Pumping the cold water into the fish room I thought it might be a good time to give the Albino Cories a cold water change to see what would happen. Continue reading Snowy day and a cold water change…..

Spawning Ricefish

Male & female Ricefish
Back in the spring at our annual club swap meet, I picked up some very cool little Ricefish from another club member, Mark Miller.  I hadn’t really done much with these guys other than to marvel at how their eyes glow a very bright blue.  They are so bright that they catch your attention from across the room.

I have the species Oryzias woworae.  These fish come from the island of Sulawesi which is home to 17 Oryzias species described to date. Continue reading Spawning Ricefish

Devario assamensis – A Gift

CAFE LogoWOW  Things have really been hopping around here the last several days.  Last Friday we had our October meeting of C.A.F.E.  One of our own, Kevin Bauman, gave a talk on aquarium photography.  Kevin has the reputation of taking beautiful photos of his African cichlids and shared some of his secrets with the rest of us.  Excellent presentation.  You can see Kevin’s work over at his website, http://www.african-cichlid.com. Continue reading Devario assamensis – A Gift

Musing of a fish keeper

Just the other night we had our August club meeting, (C.A.F.E.).  Rusty Wessel came up from Louisville Kentucky and gave a talk about “Fishes of the Maya”.  Rusty usually brings fish to auction after the talk and this time was no exception.

As I watched all the super cool fish Rusty had brought along being auctioned off, I felt a little down that I wasn’t still keeping cichlids as this was a rare opportunity to acquire some very special fish. I soon found myself reminiscing about fish I have kept over the years and what a fantastic hobby fish keeping truly is…..

As a child, I kept a multitude of “critters” in bottles, jars and buckets.  All treasures carried home from streams, ditches and local farm ponds here in rural Ohio. In 1965 I started my “official” fish keeping career as I imagine many 8 year old boys did, with a 25 cent turtle from the five & dime store. Continue reading Musing of a fish keeper

Spawning Otocinclus catfish

Back around the first of the year Petsmart was having a sale on Otocinclus for $1 each.  Each spring for the past couple of years I’ve wanted to try spawning these fish so I picked up a couple bags for a later project.

Otos eating Repashy gel
Photo by Dennis Ball

They have been eating lots of Repashy “Soilent Green” and fattened up very nicely.

The spawning set-up is a standard 10 gallon tank with some anubias and crypts.  It has a course black substrate and the water is very soft being almost pure rain water.  I have a small heater set to keep the temperature at 78 °F.

Otocinclus fry
Photo by Dennis Ball

The fish must be happy because today while doing water changes I found the first fry!

If I can get these fry to adult hood it will be interesting to see if tank raised Otos are a bit more hardy than the store bought variety.



Here are some photos of the fry just a couple of days later…..

Otocinclus fry
Photo by Dennis Ball
Otocinclus fry
Photo by Dennis Ball



Spawning Danio meghalayensis

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to acquire a group of 8 Danio meghalayensis from my good friend Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals. As these fish are quite rare here in the states you can imagine my delight!

After several failed attempts at spawning these fish using a breeder set-up, I decided to loaded them up with live foods and started to monitor them very closely.  Several weeks ago during an afternoon thunderstorm they spawned. Continue reading Spawning Danio meghalayensis