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Welcome to Ball Aquatics

Hello, I’m a hobbyist / breeder located in Tremont City, Ohio. While Ball Aquatics is a registered business in the state of Ohio, it’s actually more of a labor of love for me.

F1 Devario xyrops
Photo by Dennis Ball

I wish I could tell you this is my primary job and I spend my days blissfully in the fish room, but unfortunately that is simply not the case.  I can say however, that from time to time, I have some very nice tank raised freshwater fish, invertebrates and plants that I offer for sale.

I do not import fish, and all the fish, inverts and plants that I offer for sale are raised by myself here in central Ohio. They are pets rather than a source of income and as such receive my daily personal attention.

Photo by Dennis Ball

I started keeping fish back around 1965 when I was 8 years old.  I have kept many different aquatic critters over the years, but my current obsession is with fish from the Danionins family.  This family of fish includes Danio and Devario; and the lesser populated genera Sundadanio, Danionella and Microrasbora.

I also keep several types of catfish, mainly Otocinclus and L number Pleco’s.

Photo by Dennis Ball

The Fishroom Blog is mainly my ramblings about the goings on here at Ball Aquatics, but also includes DIY projects, club activities and other hobby related info.

I also have two other fish related WEB sites. Danionins is all about the fish I’m currently working with, and Celestial Pearl Danio is as the name implies, all about the beautiful CPD.


Photo by Darcy Ball




 The legacy continues…..