Spawning Devario xyrops

In July of 2012, I came into possession of some very hard to get Blue Moon Danio (Devario xyrops).  My good fortune came about due to my friend Dr. Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals. Stephan has some super contacts in the aquarium hobby and often comes into possession of fish that are nearly impossible to obtain.  As I understand it, these fish came into Aqua Global in Germany as a bycatch of the fish collectors.  In other words, when the collectors are out catching fish, they happen to net a few, often unidentified, fish in the process. Sometimes these fish go unnoticed when the exporters are shipping the main group. Continue reading Spawning Devario xyrops

An early escape…..

Papa "Pucallpa Gold"
Photo by Dennis Ball

Things are heating up in the fish room and Papa “Pucallpa Gold” is tending eggs again.

At some point last night, this little dickens made an early escape from the cave.

Probably be a few days before the rest of the brood joins the escapee!