Antifungal property of leaves on fish eggs

I have always preferred to approach fish keeping in a very natural way. While I have no scientific proof to offer up, my success rate goes hand-in-hand with a simple natural approach as apposed to using more hi-tech methods. It was this “nature’s way” of thinking that lead me to explore the antifungal property of leaves on fish eggs. Continue reading Antifungal property of leaves on fish eggs

BBS 101

I can’t remember when I didn’t hatch a batch of baby brine shrimp (bbs) on a daily basis. That said, after years of producing a daily batch, I started to notice that my hatch rates were falling and I was at a loss as to the reason why. Well after checking all the obvious causes without any improvements I though perhaps a refresher course was in order, BBS 101 if you will. Continue reading BBS 101

Moina – A Love Hate Relationship

Photo by Dennis Ball

Over the summer, my son’s Red Eared Slider has been helping to generate loads of green water for the fish room.  With this in mind, I though it would be a good time to venture back into culturing some Moina.

If you are not familiar with Moina, they are small freshwater crustaceans, commonly called “water fleas”, belonging the Daphnia family.  I like them because newly hatched Moina average 430 µm and are just slightly larger than the smallest strain of newly hatched brine shrimp.  Also, adult Moina are about half the size of common Daphnia with a higher protein content.  They are simply fantastic live food for small fish.   Continue reading Moina – A Love Hate Relationship