Ancistrus sp. “Pucallpa Gold”

Fish family:
Fish Genus:

I received my fish from my good friend Dr. Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals. Stephan bred albinos from his original imports and gave them the name Ancistrus sp. “Pucallpa Gold”.

The original fish were imported from Northeastern Peru. The species name is yet unknown, but they have been identified as Ancistrus sp. “Pucallpa” by Ingo Seidel. They like water temperatures from 75-86 °F (24-30 °C), which makes them more suitable for the average tropical fish tank. They do not exceed 4 inches (10 cm) in total length, which is a plus in a smaller tank.


100mm (4 inches). Standard Length


One of my favorite plecos!  They work tirelessly to keep the glass spotless and are out and about during the daylight hours. One of my fish room goals is to have a couple of these in almost all of my grow-out tanks.

Care Info

I have kept and spawned these fish in water temperatures from 68-86 °F (20-30 °C), which makes them very suitable for the average tropical fish tank. They are not picky eater and will eat almost anything offered. I feed algae wafers and pellets along with blanched veggies like carrots & zucchini.

Spawning Info

The group of fish I first received from Stephan all turned out to be female.  As my good friend Bob Townsend had also picked up some of these from Stephan, he was kind enough to supply me with one of his male fish.

After a brief courtship we were off to the races with these fish proving to be very prolific.  Once established, they spawn about every 6 weeks producing 40 to 50 fry with each spawn.