HCA Green aeneus cories

Corydoras aeneus (green)

Fish family:
Fish Genus:

I got these beauties from Holly over at HCA Aquatics. I had been watching as she sold young fish on Aqua-Bid and when she listed her breeders I knew it was now-or-never if I wanted some for my fish room.


75mm (3 inches). Standard Length


I’m not normally a big cat fish fan, but what fish room would be complete with some of these fish!

Care Info

These fish are very hardy and undemanding in the aquarium.  I like to keep them in either bare bottom or tanks with sand for substrate. Don’t believe the misconception that these fish will live off of scraps and whatever they can find in your tank. To be healthy and happy they need to be fed just like any other fish. They are not picky eaters and will accept most anything offered.

Spawning Info

There is a wealth of spawning info on these fish available on the Internet. I have found them very easy to spawn once they are mature and well fed.