Danio albolineatus

Danio albolineatus

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The species is known from the Tenasserim River, the Salween and the upper Chao Phraya basins in Myanmar, Thailand, and Yunnan (southern China). There are also records (as Danio pulcher) from the eastern slopes of the Gulf of Thailand drainages and from Pliew, Chantaburi, Chantabun Province, southeastern Thailand and into western Cambodia.

In the wild these fish are found in submontane streams to hillstreams with leaf litter and dense riparian vegetation, most often living in large schools.


55mm (2.25 inches). Standard Length


A long time staple of the hobby these fish can be found in almost any pet store selling fish.

Care Info

Like a good many of the other Danios, these fish are very hardy and undemanding in the aquarium.  They are happy eaters and will accept almost anything that is offered.

Spawning Info

These fish are very prolific and can be spawned using what I call the “standard” method of spawning egg scattering fish.