Devario acrostomus adults

Devario acrostomus

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These fish are a very new addition to the hobby.   Once again, I was fortunate enough to acquire some of these fish by way of Stephan Tanner of Swiss Tropicals.

This species was described from the Nam Mang drainage, which forms part of the Mekong River drainage in northern Lao PDR (Fang and Kottelat 1999). It was originally described as Danio acrostomus, but was transferred to the genus Devario by Fang (2003).

In the wild, Devario acrostomus inhabits forested streams with clear water and a substrate of large boulders. The fish can be found in habitats within the streams ranging from isolated deep pools to fast-flowing stretches.


80mm (3.15 inches). Standard Length


These fish are very hard to find in the hobby, but are worth the effort when you get a chance to obtain some. They are large active swimmers, that will eat almost anything offered.

Care Info

Like a good many of the other Danios, these fish are very hardy and undemanding in the aquarium.

Spawning Info

I was very fortunate to pick up a bag of these fish at our local club fall auction in 2013. With lots of live foods and frequent large water changes, they spawned for me within several weeks.

The fish were housed in a tank with a thick growth of vallisneria and this prevented the adults from eating the eggs and the resulting fry.

Devario acrostomus adults
Photo by Dennis Ball

Fry at roughly 3 months of age…..

Acrostomus fry at 3 months
Photo by Dennis Ball