Hypancistrus Zebra

Hypancistrus Zebra

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The Hypancistrus Zebra comes from the Rio Xingú river in South America. The Rio Xingú flows through Brazil and then into the mighty Amazon river.

The area of the Rio Xingú where this fish lives in the wild is full of different sized rocks with some fine sand on the river bottom.


80mm (3.1 inches). Standard Length


If these guys were not so shy, they could easily be one of my favorite aquarium fish!

Care Info

For a rare and beautiful fish, Hypancistrus Zebra is not demanding to keep. They like to be warm with water temperatures in the mid 80’s, and they enjoy meaty foods rather than a diet of plant material.

Spawning Info

My fish are too young to spawn, so I have no first hand info.



Young Zebra Plecos
Photo by Dennis Ball