Nannostomus mortenthaleri

Nannostomus mortenthaleri

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I was lucky enough to pick up some of these fish at the CAFE 2014 Convention. My fish are fry that were tank raised by Tony Helwagen, another CAFE member. Tony was nice enough to put these fish into the Silent Auction.

I set them up in a tank with lots of leaf litter and plants. The water was nearly 100% rain water with just a splash of well water to add a tiny bit of buffer. Tank temperatures were set at 78°F.

I fed the fish mostly live foods, newly hatched brine shrimp, moina, and small mosquito larvae.

The adults don’t have any issues with eating the fry, and the fry are very small at the start. They hang suspended in the water which makes it very difficult to see them.

Nannostomus mortenthaleri fry
Photo by Dennis Ball