OCA Extravaganza 2016

At the OCA Extravaganza 2016

While I don’t keep many cichlids anymore, it’s hard to pass up on a chance to visit the Ohio Cichlid Associations yearly Extravaganza.  The event marks the end of the year here in Ohio for most of the hobby related activities.

In addition to the fantastic speaker line-up, I had a great time renewing old friendships and making some new friends as well!  Mike Drawdy was up from Florida with some very nice looking fish.  He also brought some friends along and I was able to ask Derrick Brokenburr if that Red fish he has pictured on Facebook really was that big  LOL.

Derrick Brokenburr with giant Red fish.

I was also able to get my winter supply of fish food from Stephan of Swiss Tropicals as he was set-up in the vendor area.  I’ve had great success feeding the Repashy gel foods, so I got a good supply of the Soilent Green variety.  I also feed lots of the Extreme food and got some Catfish Scrapers, and Cichlid PeeWee.  As I’m working with mostly larger Danios now, I can feed a slightly larger pellet size food than what I was feeding.  I still need to get a can of brine shrimp eggs and I should be all set for this winter.

While I can’t say the OCA Extravangaza is my favorite event of the year, it is a place where you can touch base with your fishy friends.  As it draws folks from far and wide, it provides the opportunity to catch up with friends you may not have seen elsewhere through-out the year.