Grindal worms

Grindal Worms, Breakfast of Champions

I’ve been blessed with a group of friend who have worms!  If scoring white worms from Bob wasn’t enough, at the last Columbus Killifish Group meeting, I scored a couple of grindal worm cultures from Pat!

Mrs. Morton Grindal of Sweden extracted these smaller worms from her white worm cultures and made her name famous in fish keeping circles around the world.

Unlike their larger cousins, white worms, Grindal worms do best at room temperature.  This and the fact that they work well for smaller fish makes them a very attractive live food to culture.

Grindal worms
Photo by Dennis Ball

They tend to thrive on a variety of foods.  The photos show them enjoying some Wardley Pond Pellet Fish Food that I picked up at WalMart.  They do equally well with cat kibble, algae wafers, or plain fish food.  You do want to make sure NOT to over feed where the food will mold before being consumed by the worms.

Wardley Pond Food