Spawning Danios Article

A couple weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to write an article about spawning danios.  The cool thing about it was that the article was to be posted on Pete Mang’s web site.  Anyone who has purchased fish on AquaBid probably knows Pete as Lotsoffish.

Over the years, I received some very nice fish from Pete.  He really knows his stuff when it comes to keeping, raising, and spawning fish in particular.  If you get a chance check out his site, and my article too! (

CAFE Swap Meet – March 24, 2012

My local club had their annual Swap Meet a couple of Saturday’s ago.  What a great time!  And to think, I almost didn’t go.  I had decided it was just too far for me to go, about 3 hours round trip.

Lucky for me, Cory the club plant guru, posted on the C.A.F.E. forum that he was looking for someone to split a table. 

At any rate, I renewed some old friendships, sold some stuff, made some new friends, and had some great conversations.

Spawning Danio sp. kyathit

After just observing these beautiful fish for the last 18 months I decided it was time to set them up for spawning.  I picked these guys up from Pete Mang on AquaBid back in 2009 as just some un-identified Danios that came along with the Hikari Danios being auctioned.

For quite some time, I thought they were the stripped version of Danio kyathit, but after looking through Pete Cottle’s “Danios & Devarios” book I thought they might be Danio sp. Red Fin.  Using a photo of one of my breeders, Pete thought they could be Red Fin. Continue reading Spawning Danio sp. kyathit

Swiss Tropicals

What a great day!  I spent the best part of today over in Columbus at Swiss Tropicals.  It’s owned by my friend Stephan Tanner, what an asset he is to the aquarium hobby!

Stephan is the US distributor for the Poret® Brand Filter Foam & Jetlifter lift tubes.  That was part of the reason for the trip over.  I bought enough foam to put dividers in two 55’s and a 75.  The cool thing about using foam is that it works as a filter as well as being a tank divider.

Poret divider 2

I’m planning on using the tanks for grow-out tanks for fry and this looks like a great option to get more bang for my buck when it comes to maximizing tank space.

CAFE Convention

Wow, what a great time I had at the CAFE, (Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts), Convention today.  I went with my daughter Darcy, and my 8 week old grandson Chris, (he’s on the home page looking at the turtle).

They had some great speakers.  Ted Judy talked about a collection trip to Africa.  Rusty Wessel spoke about livebearers and auctioned some very cool swordtails. Brian Zimmerman had a great presentation on native american fish.

My friend Stephan tried to get me hooked up with some very cool Danio tinwini.  I even got to meet Dave Hale from Something Fishy up in Cleveland.  Check him out on the Blue Zoo…..

We had a tasty lunch and purchased some very nice plants for Darcy’s tank too!

Success At Last!

After months of producing a fry here and there, I woke up to at least 3 dozen Danio tinwini fry this morning!

When I picked up my breeding stock from Mark Denaro back in May of ’09, these fish were simply known as Danio sp. TW02. In November of 2009 they were properly named Danio tinwini after Mr. U Tin Win of the Hein Aquarium in Myanmar.

In the picture above, the fry are in one of my egg traps. The DIY on the trap is over at the Danionins site…

Do we Spawn or Breed our fish?

I see it described both ways on all the forums, but which is correct?

Back it the day, we would always talk of successfully getting our fish to spawn. Wikipedia says,

“Most aquatic animals, apart from aquatic mammals, reproduce through a process of spawning.”

It also states,

“Breeding is the reproduction, that is, producing of offspring, usually animals or plants.”

I think I’m going to stick with my “old school” ways and use the term spawning here in the journal.

A New Start

After 40+ years of fishkeeping here is the first blog/journal entry.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to keep a journal of fish room happenings, but for one reason or another, I just never have. Well that’s about to change… let’s see where this goes.