Not Your Fathers Talk at CAFE

What a week!

What a great week.  The weather has been unseasonably warm.  I’ve got new fish babies, the first in 2 years! I was also fortunate enough to give my talk, “Not Your Fathers Danio”, at my local clubs first meeting of the year. Life is good.

The weather…

It’s not uncommon for us to have a nice week of weather here in central Ohio during the month of February.  I can remember when I was doing environmental remediation work, and was outside most of the time, that we almost always had some nice days this time of the year.

The fish…

I finally got off my butt and set-up some fish for spawning.  Or at least, I dropped an egg trap into a tank of Danio kyathit that I’ve been conditioning.  Some times I think using the egg traps is cheating as it really doesn’t involve much work on my part, and if the tank is set-up right, it works great!

Danio kyathit
Photo by Dennis Ball

The fish are F1’s of the wild fish I got from Pete Mang back in 2009.  At that time, we weren’t sure what they were, and Pete had them listed with some other Danios in an auction.  I think he called them, “Some other cool Danios”.  He certainly got that right!

I was afraid I might loose these fish as my F1’s are about 6 years old.  They came through with flying colors though, and I have about 30 fry that went free swimming Friday morning.

The talk…

Not Your Fathers Danio
Photo by Jeremy Basch

I had the privilege to kick off the 2017 season at CAFE by giving the opening talk this year. “Not Your Fathers Danio”, is just a fun talk about some of the people and events that have put Danios back in the spotlight of the aquarium hobby. You can hardly pick up a hobby related publication with seeing an article about Danios or one of their close relatives.

We had a really good turn out. I’d like to think that everyone came for the talk, but the beautiful weather probably had a lot to do with it too! A big Thank You to Jeremy Basch for taking some photos, that’s Jeremy’s photo at the top of the post. He also posted some video of the talk over on youtube for anyone who might be interested.

My next talk is scheduled for August 27th at the Greater Cincinnati Aquarium Society.  At that talk, I’ll be speaking about “Spawning Tiny Danios – Danio margaritatus, D. erythromicron, and D. tinwini.”

Life is good!