New, Old Tanks

55-gallon-reseal-001While I haven’t been having one of my best years for spawning fish, it has been a great year for acquiring some free “New, Old Tanks”.

It all started when a fellow hobbyist made a post on the club forum that he had some free fish and tanks that he wished to re-home.

He made it clear that many of the tanks were either broken, leaking, or in a condition un-know after being in storage.  When the dust had cleared and the truck was loaded, I had scored 21 tanks. These tanks were just the right size for the fish I am working with.

My other tank score came when some folks posted that they needed to re-home some aquatic turtles. In addition to the turtles they provided some other equipment and an older 55 gallon tank. The tank needed a bit of TLC, but after some clean up and a reseal it was as good as new!

Photo by Dennis Ball
Photo by Dennis Ball