Danio choprae

Danio choprae

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Danio choprae is found in a remote area in Myanmar, from the Irrawady drainage. It is beleived to be fairly common although more research is needed to confirm total range. They were first imported in 2003.

In the wild, they are most often found in small rocky streams.


35mm (1.5 inches). Standard Length


One of my favorite of the Danios.  Danio choprae has the unfortunate common name of Glowlight Danio.  I say unfortunate because it is often mistaken for the Glo-Fish Danio, a genetically modified Danio rerio.

I received my first group of these fish from Pete Mang in the spring of 2009.

Care Info

First and for most, these fish are jumpers.  A good cover is needed when keeping these fish!

Spawning Info

These fish proved to be fairly easy to spawn.  With good food and lots of regular water changes, I soon had a large group of fry.

At a very young age, the fry do not look like the adult fish. This is what D. choprae fry look like at five weeks old…..

5 week old Danio choprae
Photo by Dennis Ball

This video is from October 2009 and shows the fry at 3 months of age…..