Danio aesculapii

Danio aesculapii

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First imported in 2005, these fish are a relatively new addition to the hobby. Officially described in 2009 by Kullander & Fang they are another of the new species found in western Myanmar.

Although Danio aesculapii is currently only known from five locations, the poor sampling in western Myanmar means that this species is very likely to be more widespread (especially since the area between the type locality and the Kaladan River delta has been very poorly sampled and this species would be expected to be found there).


30mm (1.25 inches). Standard Length


While I kept these Danios for several years, I was never able to get very excited about them.  I found that mine never really displayed their colors and marking very well.

After spawning them on several occasions, I decided to move them out of the fish room to make room for other fish.

Care Info

Like a good many of the other Danios, these fish are very hardy and undemanding in the aquarium.

Spawning Info

These fish are not at all hard to spawn. Good results can be achieved using either an egg trap or a standard Danio spawning set-up.