Lepisosteus oculatus

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Lepisosteus oculatus
Photo by Brian Gratwicke

Any one who spawns and raises very many fry will tell you that you will need to find an outlet for your excess fish.  This is my outlet!

I picked this fish up from my friend William Smith in Florida.  Bill collects natives and then makes them available on Aqua-Bid under the name ThatMagicGuy.  That’s how I came into possession of this fish.

Aqua-Bid Photo of my Gar
Photo by William Smith

You can see from the Aqua-Bid photo that the fish was tiny when Bill first collected it.  For the first few months I fed lots of mosquito larvae and some newly hatched Danio fry.

A year later, (spring 2014), the fish is now around 8″ in length.  I keep it in a 55 gallon tank and it has a constant supply of tank raised feeders available.  The fish was kept in an unheated tank over the winter and the cooler temperatures may have slowed it’s growth.