Snowy day and a cold water change…..

albino_coryLast Friday was a cold and snowy day with a storm front moving through the area. As the temperatures dropped, I thought I’d better drained down my rain water collection system to keep it from freezing up. Pumping the cold water into the fish room I thought it might be a good time to give the Albino Cories a cold water change to see what would happen.

Most of the species in the genus of Corydoras catfish can often be triggered to spawn with a large water change using cooler water.

24 Hour Old Albino Cory Eggs



Eggs at 24 hours old…..




2 day old albino cory fryThe eggs hatched at around 72 hours after the spawn with the water temperature right at 78°F.

Here is one of the first fry to be just about ready to free swim.  It has swam up from the tank bottom and is resting on a single strand of java moss.