2015 Goals

2015 The year ahead…..

At the start of every new year I like to set some goals to work towards in the fish room. I guess I have finally listened to my Zig Ziglar tape on setting goals enough times that some of it is sinking in!

Fish I want to spawn

Some time back, I told myself that I should stop purchasing new fish until I had spawned all the fish I currently have. Well, I’m getting close to achieving that. Here’s the short list of those I still need to spawn.

Danio dangila – The Moustached Danio

Danio dangila
Photo by Dennis Ball

Devario aequipinnatus – The Giant Danio

Devario aequipinnatus
Photo by Dennis Ball

Danio feegradei – The Yoma Danio

Danio feegradei
Photo by K. Arendt

I’d also like to spawn some of my plecos, but I think it’s going to be another year before many of them are old enough. No doubt, I will run across something at one of the swap meets or auctions that I think I can’t possibly live without too!

Fish Room Changes

First on this list would be to modify some of the plumbing. I’d like to add both well water and softened water faucets. A laundry sink would also be a welcome addition.

Next, I would like to change the layout of my tank racks. They now run longwise East and West. It would be so much better plumbing wise, if they ran North & South. This is going to be a major undertaking as some of the racks now in place would have to be removed before starting the switch. Maybe when the weather breaks this spring I’ll see about tackling this…..