Life is good!

The past several days around here have been nothing short of fantastic.  First, I get an email from Pete Cottle.  As the saying goes, Pete is the man who literally wrote the book on Danios!danios_devarios_book Pete is one of my fish keeping heroes, and we have communicated over the Internet for several years now. He is always very helpful and supportive when I’ve had questions or problems.  Long story short, I receive his email because Pete was asked his opinion on a Danio breeding problem, and he ask for my opinion as well. Talk about making someone feel good about themselves. Thank you Pete!

Next up, I have an article published in the latest edition of the C.A.F.E. Menu, my local fish club news letter.  I had told Tim, our newsletter editor, that I would like to work on writing some CAFE Logoarticles for the newsletter and he has been gently steering me in that direction.  I must admit that I dropped the ball on this and had hoped to have something for him back in the spring, but he never gave up on me.  In the newsletter, Tim’s introduction to my article was very complementary and encouraging to me as someone trying to develop my writing skills.  Thank you Tim!


My third item was the OSU win over Wisconsin in the football game Saturday night.  We played a very soft pre-Big10 schedule and it was nice to see them do so well in the game.  I love my OSU foot ball win or lose, but it’s always very nice to get a win!

On Sunday evening, I had the pleasure of being on the Blue Zoo Radio with Frank Reece.  I first met Frank at the American Cichlid Association Convention in Cincinnati back in 2009.  FrankBlue Zoo Radio works very had to inform and entertain the aquarium community every week on a live Sunday night Internet Radio show.  I’ve been on the show enough times now, that it’s just like talking to an old friend, but boy those first couple of times were nerve racking!  Frank made it easy for me to venture outside my comfort zone so to speak.  Thank you Frank!

My last item is still to come.  Our clubs Fall Auction is coming up next Saturday, October 5.  Even though it’s in the future, just the anticipation of the fun happening next Saturday has made the past several days more enjoyable.  If you’re in the central Ohio area next Saturday, October 5 check out the auction.  More info can be found here ==>>