Devario assamensis – A Gift

CAFE LogoWOW  Things have really been hopping around here the last several days.  Last Friday we had our October meeting of C.A.F.E.  One of our own, Kevin Bauman, gave a talk on aquarium photography.  Kevin has the reputation of taking beautiful photos of his African cichlids and shared some of his secrets with the rest of us.  Excellent presentation.  You can see Kevin’s work over at his website, Continue reading Devario assamensis – A Gift

Devario acrostomus – A Fall Auction Treasure!

CAFE LogoOur clubs fall auction was this past Saturday, October 5 2013.  It was a great time and the club president reports it was our biggest auction ever.  I always have a great time and the variety of fish, inverts, plants and hardware that comes up for auction never ceases to amaze. All that being said, as a keeper of Danios, there is generally not much available in that area to get me fired up.  Normally most of the Danios for auction are either my fish, or fish that I am already keeping.  Well that certainly wasn’t the case at this auction! Continue reading Devario acrostomus – A Fall Auction Treasure!

Life is good!

The past several days around here have been nothing short of fantastic.  First, I get an email from Pete Cottle.  As the saying goes, Pete is the man who literally wrote the book on Danios!danios_devarios_book Pete is one of my fish keeping heroes, and we have communicated over the Internet for several years now. He is always very helpful and supportive when I’ve had questions or problems.  Long story short, I receive his email because Pete was asked his opinion on a Danio breeding problem, and he ask for my opinion as well. Talk about making someone feel good about themselves. Thank you Pete! Continue reading Life is good!

Musing of a fish keeper

Just the other night we had our August club meeting, (C.A.F.E.).  Rusty Wessel came up from Louisville Kentucky and gave a talk about “Fishes of the Maya”.  Rusty usually brings fish to auction after the talk and this time was no exception.

As I watched all the super cool fish Rusty had brought along being auctioned off, I felt a little down that I wasn’t still keeping cichlids as this was a rare opportunity to acquire some very special fish. I soon found myself reminiscing about fish I have kept over the years and what a fantastic hobby fish keeping truly is…..

As a child, I kept a multitude of “critters” in bottles, jars and buckets.  All treasures carried home from streams, ditches and local farm ponds here in rural Ohio. In 1965 I started my “official” fish keeping career as I imagine many 8 year old boys did, with a 25 cent turtle from the five & dime store. Continue reading Musing of a fish keeper

Danios… probably more than you ever wanted to know

As beginning fish keepers most of us kept some Zebra Danios, but once we get a bit of experience, we think of them as beginner fish and move on to bigger and better.  This is rather sad because there are literally dozens of different Danios available.

Purple Passion Danio - Danio roseus
Photo by Dennis Ball

The group of fish we call Danios is quite diverse and includes both small and large species. They are peaceful, very attractive, inexpensive, and best of all, very easy to keep.  Danios are members of the carp family, and range in size from just under an inch, up to around 6 inches.  Danios are split into two main genera, Danio and Devario, but the group also includes some close relatives like Sundadanio, Danionella and Microrasbora.

In the hobby, we collectively call all of them Danios , but this can make things rather confusing if you are trying to talk about only the members of the Danio genus. As all of these fish are members of a minnow subfamily called the Danioninae, pedants (such as myself) think that it’s wiser to call all of the fish in the group Danionins (pronounced dan­ee­oh­nins), rather than Danios.  I believe it was Matt Clarke that first coined this term.  I liked it so much that I started a website using the name

Continue reading Danios… probably more than you ever wanted to know

Ordered some fish from

Fire Ring Danio (Danio kyathit)
Photo by Pete Mang

I’ve been looking hi & low to find some nice Fire Ring Danios, (Danio kyathit).  My good friend BillT over at Eugene Research Aquatics sent me some very nice males, but I needed some females to go with them.

I knew that Tom & Nevin over at had them listed, but it seemed like they were always sold out.  By the way, Tom has become a superb photographer of fish.  His photos of fish for sale are nothing short of stunning.  Another reason I didn’t hesitate to order from them, it was obvious that I would be getting true Fire Ring Danios.

Fire Ring Danios are the spotted form of the species Danio kyathit.  The Orange Finned Danio is the striped form.  I first spawned the striped form in January of 2011, but have yet to spawn this spotted form. Continue reading Ordered some fish from

CPD Photo causing a stir

Photo by Johnny Jensen

Back in the April issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine, a photo was displayed claiming to be that of Danio margaritatus, the Celestial Pearl Danio.

Having raised literally hundreds of these fish it struck me that this was not actually a photo of Danio margaritatus.  I even went so far as to post on the TFH forum about my concerns.

Well it seems as this photo has made it’s way to our European fish keeping friends and a lively discussion has taken off on the Seriously Fish forum.

My hat is off to Johnny Jensen for realizing that this fish is not Danio margaritatus and now having 2 different pages of photos.  The true Celestial Pearl Danio photos are at this page, and the new fish now has it’s own page here.

Central Air problems

Central Air BlowerA couple of weeks ago at sometime in the night, my fish room blower toasted a bearing.  Not a big deal.  Air pumps being mechanical are going to break down at some point.

I set-up my spare pump and ordered repair parts.  Quick service from a supplier on the west coast and I was due for a Monday delivery.  Life was good…..  for about 2 hours.  My spare pump goes down.

Now don’t you just love it, when you think you’ve covered all the bases and Murphy’s Law comes up and bites you on the butt!  Well at any rate since it was going to be several days before my parts for the blower came in I needed a new plan.   Continue reading Central Air problems