Spawning Plans…..

Leopard Danio
Photo by Dennis ball

There are just too many fish and not enough time.  I guess that’s why I feel compelled to put together a spawning plan every year of the fish I’d like to work with.  Going through the fish room it’s easy to rule out some of the fish.  The 046, 183 & 201 plecos are all too young to spawn yet.  I have plenty of Danio roseus, D. kerri, D. rerio var. frankei, D meghalayensis, Devario assamensis, and D. acrostomus on hand already.

That leaves two groups of fish to work with.  New fish that I’ve never spawned before and old friends that I would like to spawn again.

CPD Photo by Peter Maguire
Photo by Peter Maguire

In the old friends category we have Danio erythromicron, D. kyathit, D. margaritatus, D. nigrofasciatus, D. tinwini,  Devario sondhii, and D. xyrops.  The Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus) is a staple of my fish room and I have spawned these fish every year starting back in 2007.  The Fireline Danio (Devario sondhii) I need to spawn to keep my breeding stock up.  The same is true of the Emerald Dwarf Danio (Danio erythromicron).


Tanichthys thacbaensis
Photo by Dennis Ball

I should probably put all of the Tanichthys (albonubes, micagemmae & thacbaensis) in the old friends group as well.  I would very much like to get a good line of the Lemon-Yellow White Cloud (Tanichthys thacbaensis) established here in my fish room.  They are very hard to find in the hobby and are super nice aquarium fish.


Devario pathirana
Photo by Dennis Ball

Now for the new fish.  Some of these fish, I’ve had in the fish room for several years now and just haven’t gotten around to setting them up to spawn.  The Barred Danio (Devario pathirana) is the first of these fish.  These fish are on The Aquarium Hobby CARES Preservation Program list (  They are very beautiful fish and I’m sure they would be a hit at the local swap meets and auctions.

Danio dangila
Photo by Dennis Ball

The Moustached Danio (Danio dangila) is next on the list.  I picked up a group of these fish several years ago as very young fish.  They have since grown into very beautiful adults.  I’ll probably need to put these guys into a 40 gallon breeder for spawning as they are over 4 inches in length and quite rowdy.



Danio feegradei
Photo by K. Arendt

Next would be the Yoma Danio (Danio feegradei).  These are very beautiful and once again quite large by Danio standards.  The males have red edges to their fins while the females have white edges, much like Danio meghalayensis.



Danio Fire Ring Male
Photo by Dr. Tom Bailey

Lastly come the Spotted morph of Danio kyathit.  I’ve had great success spawning the striped version of this fish, but the spotted variety has eluded me to date.  I have a nice group I picked up from the Bailey Brothers (, and some nice males that a friend sent to me.

With this list of fish and fish that come up through the local club activities, I should be all set for yet another year of pure aquarium enjoyment!