HMF aquarium filtration at Swiss Tropicals

Matten Filters, Cube Filters and Corner Filters

While we were at the All-Aquarium Catfish Convention this fall, a fellow YouTuber shot this great video of Stephan talking about Matten filters, cube filters and corner filters, all products of Swiss Tropicals.

I admit I have an affiliation with Stephan and Swiss Tropicals, in my day job, I’m the webmaster at  That said, Stephan was a great friend, and a fellow CAFE member long before I started working with Swiss Tropicals.

Brian's Basement
Photo by Brian’s Tropicals

I was also a big fan of the poret filter foam long before my affiliation with Stephan.  It’s been almost 10 years since I first started using the foam and something like 4 or 5 years since I switched the whole fish room over to it.  I posted about my transition here


It has been a super time saver in my fish room.  The foam needs very little attention as to cleaning and when it does it takes only seconds to clean it properly.

Before I switched over to the jet lifters, I’d buy air stones in lots of 100 to power my home-made lift tubes.  On a good day, the home-made lift tubes only moved about a third of the water water volume that the jet lifters do, and they were constantly clogging the air stones and required attention.  When I notice the flow slowing down on one of the jet lifters, a quick clean with a bottle brush and they are as good as new!